TBR’s Dixie Heritage Hour June 28, 2019 – at Antietam

TBR Radio's Dixie Heritage Hour

In this week’s TBR Radio Presents: The Dixie Heritage Hour, Dr. Ed shares the video of the lecture that he gave on the Antietam battlefield during a nationally advertised event sponsored jointly by The Barnes Review and The Citizen’s Informer.

Dr. DeVries, using the Hebrew and Greek words translated as “nation” in the Old and New Testaments, explains the difference between a “nation” and a “state.” While most people use these terms interchangeably, they are in fact, two totally different and distinct things.

When you understand the difference between a “nation” and a “state” you will understand why the emerging American nation shook off the British government in 1776 and why the emerging Southern nation seceded from the “Union” in 1861.

Robert E. Lee, if he were to be defined in modern terms, would be declared to be a “nationalist.”

“Nationalism” is HATED by the governments of the world because history teaches that governments or “states” come and go but “nations” endure. Therefore, if the “state” wants to survive, it must destroy its underlying “nation.”

Dr. DeVries’s lecture puts the modern-day political struggle into very clear perspective.

The lecture was about 30 minutes. So after the lecture Dr. Ed shares videos that the parents of Leavenworth 10 inmate John Hatley had shot with their iPhones and texted to Dr. Ed for broadcast on a TBR Radio show. The show concludes with a 12-minute conversation with Dr. Matthew Johnson. Dr. Matt and Dr. Ed discuss the academic paper, “The State is the Natural Enemy of the ETHNOS,” by Dr. Johnson. The paper and its discussion are a very appropriate accompaniment to Dr. Ed’s lecture.

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