TBR Radio’s Dixie Heritage Hour July 26, 2019 – Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

TBR Radio's Dixie Heritage Hour

Dr Ed talks with Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson.

Dr. Johnson tells Dr. Ed about how he was brought to the Russian Orthodox faith by refugees from Soviet camps who had found asylum in the United States. He describes the torture and martyrdom of tens of millions of faithful Orthodox believers under the Soviet system.

The Soviets actually believed that they could make people atheists by removing a portion of the brain that, according to them, causes us to believe in God. They also believed that they could genetically modify food to cause genetic mutations in their people so that they would embrace the atheist State. Those experiments in GMO food were failures, from the Soviet perspective, but American agribusiness learned how to genetically modify seeds from the Soviets and have been filling our grocery stores with genetically modified food ever since.

What was it about the faith and character of Russia’s Christians that so many millions of them were faithful unto death?

Dr. Johnson describes the Soviet experience as an “iron cage” persecution. But he says the persecution in the United States is far worse, though few can recognize it as such because psychology and mass-marketing have created a “golden cage” for societal control that has succeeded where the Soviets failed.

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