TBR’s Dixie Heritage Hour July 12, 2019 – Paul Angel, Barnes Review

TBR Radio's Dixie Heritage Hour

Dr. Ed calls Paul Angel, executive editor of The Barnes Review, to discuss the July/August issue of TBR magazine.

Included in the discussion are Paul’s synopsis of Marc Roland’s article on Tulum, Michael Walsh’s article on the banished Romanov grand duke Nicholas, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts’s article “The Lies of WWII,” Dr. John Wear’s article on Pastor Martin Niemöller, Dr. Matt Johnson’s article on why the U.S. lost the Korean War, and Tom Goodrich’s telling of the captivity of Catherine German at the hands of “native Americans.”

Dr. Ed also contributed an article to this month’s magazine explaining how Chicago’s original “Rainbow Coalition” was free of identity politics and actually united around the Confederate Flag. He and Paul talk at length about the original cooperation between whites, hispanics and blacks and why the “powers that be” were threatened by that unity.

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