THE DIXIE HERITAGE HOUR – AUG 9, 2019 – Clint Lacy, Pat Shannan, Rick Tyler, and Simon Roche

TBR Radio's Dixie Heritage Hour

This past weekend there were horrific shootings in both Texas and Ohio. When Dr. Ed listened to the President’s speech on Monday his immediate impression was that the President’s proposed answers violated the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments.

That the left would blame the events on “white extremism” and call for radical new “laws” was not shocking. What was shocking was that our supposedly conservative President, Donald Trump, was so eager to cooperate. In his speech, it was almost as though the President was declaring war against his own people in response to the weekend’s events.

Hoping that maybe he was over-reacting, Dr. Ed calls our shows four guests; Clint Lacy, author of the book “A Beginners Guide to False Flags;” investigative reporter Pat Shannan, the retired editor of the American Free Press; American Freedom Party chairman and 2020 Presidential candidate Rick Tyler, and South African political activist Simon Roche.

After listening to the President’s speech, three of our guests agree with Dr. Ed. You will be surprised to hear which guest thought he was over-reacting.

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