TBR Radio’s Dixie Heritage Hour August 2, 2019 – Simon Roche

TBR Radio's Dixie Heritage Hour

Dr. Ed makes a Skype call to South Africa to speak with Simon Roche, leader of Suidlanders, the world’s largest non-governmental civil defense organization.

Suidlanders is the front line of defense for white Afrikaners against their ongoing genocide in South Africa.

Simon tells Dr. Ed about the increasing destabilization in South Africa including several plots by the former president to assassinate the current president.

The power company is going bankrupt with daily brownouts as long as 16 hours a day in some places, crime is rampant, and civil unrest is increasing so that martial law is being implemented because the police can’t handle it.

Government simply can’t govern and has even been taking pension deductions out of people’s paychecks for two years but not putting it in a pension fund, literally stealing people’s money right before their eyes.

This and more is the backdrop for the white genocide that is taking place in South Africa.

This white genocide, Simon says, is not a spontaneous event. There is a hidden hand. And it is not just an attempt to exterminate whites but also Christianity.

For years, Simon worked for the ANC Party writing budgets for the president to enable him to launder money and steal from the national lottery. This created a crisis of conscience that resulted in Simon’s resignation from the government. Watching the attacks against his folk led him to lead the opposition to the government he once served.

Simon has recently returned from a tour of the USA where he advocated for South Africans. He thought that his natural audience would be in the churches, but America’s churches simply did not care. The mainstream media also ignored the story. But a few outlets like InfoWars and Tucker Carlson picked up the story resulting in worldwide coverage from BBC, RT (Russia Today), and German network TV. President Trump has also raised awareness of the situation.

Still, the murder rates of Afrikaners are the highest they have ever been. And while the conversation is centering around “farm murders,” the targets are not only farmers but all whites in both rural areas and cities.

Our guest has been shot at twice and survived a head-wound. His children and their mother have been attacked, and his father was attacked and would have been shot dead execution-style had the gun not misfired.

In many cases, the attacks are carried out by police and other government agents. Afrikaners refer to these attacks by government agents as the “Blue Light Brigade.”

According to our guest, there is not a white man in South Africa who does not personally know a woman who has been raped or someone who has been killed.

Recently, the government amended Section 25 of the South African constitution to fully legalize the theft of all white property by blacks.

Yet the U.S. will not grant sanctuary to South Africans because the leaders of our country only want black and brown immigration—and the mass immigration being forced onto the U.S. is a precursor to genocide like what is happening in South Africa.

The apartheid government would have eventually failed, though it would have taken another 25-30 years, and would have failed naturally and peacefully had other nations of the world not meddled in South Africa’s affairs. Likewise, a lot of the racial tension in South Africa was fostered by the globalists just as the Yankees created race problems in the old South after the WBTS.

Simon explains that white supremacists are always on the left (elitists) and not on the right. He also explains how both white and black culture is different in Africa than on other continents.

As the man who used to write the government budgets, Simon explains what happens to U.S. aid and how it gets misappropriated in African countries. He also talks about Orania, a white haven in South Africa’s Northern Cape, why it is succeeding, and why it will ultimately be exterminated by the government because of its success.

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