TBR Radio’s Dixie Heritage Hour April 19, 2019 – Dr. John Weaver

TBR Radio's Dixie Heritage Hour

In this week’s TBR Radio Presents: The Dixie Heritage Hour Dr. Ed calls Dr. John Weaver. They discuss the guest’s nearly 55 years of preaching, his two terms as Chaplain-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, his former involvement with The League of the South, and his experience speaking to various groups across the nation and throughout the Southland.

For over 20 years the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has attacked and demonized Pastor Weaver, so he is not at all unhappy to see the SPLC’s current unravelling. He talks about the corruption in the SPLC and why its chickens are finally coming home to roost.

Jeff Sessions attempted to rein in the SPLC but was unable to do so because he was totally ineffective as attorney general. Dr. Weaver explains the evil of the Deep State and the depth of what is in place to prevent a Christian man like Jeff Sessions from doing his job in a righteous manner. Because of this, most Americans simply do not realize the depth to which our nation and its government has sunk.

Through the years Dr. Weaver has uploaded 773 sermons to sermonaudio.com where he exposes these issues and addresses the issues of the day and of government corruption.

Dr. Weaver is a graduate of Bob Jones University. While BJU is no friend of Southern heritage today, that was not always the case. Dr. Weaver explains how Christian institutions, like BJU, Harvard, Yale, and others have shifted through the decades from believing the Bible and in our constitutional republic to opposing the same.

Dr. Weaver tells the story of how the State of Georgia attacked the church he was pastoring in Jessup, even requiring that they obtain permits to drink water from their own well, which was over a half-century old. That began his study into what the Bible said about obedience to civil government and resulted in the writing of his first book, The Christian and Civil Government, a book that Dr. Ed has required as a textbook in his college teaching. The guest gives an overview of this and two other of his four books, The Sovereignty of God and Civil Government and The Biblical Truth About God’s Vengeance. In these books he outlines the spheres of God-ordained authority—the home, the church, and the government—and why the jurisdictions of the three do NOT overlap.

Romans 13 is a passage wrongly used by many statist ministers to teach unlimited submission to government. But Dr. Weaver breaks it down word-by-word to show that the passage actually teaches the opposite, giving the righteous advocate just cause for civil disobedience.

Historically, statism and idolatry go hand-in-hand. That is because idolatry is a tool that wicked leaders use to maintain control over the people. This is why so many governments and pagan religions, from ancient Moloch worship to the Soviet Union, defy either the monarch or the state itself.

There is a theology to all of politics, be it liberal or conservative, capitalist or Marxist etc. Political correctness is a THEOLOGY as is Marxism.

God only created TWO genders, all others were created by the Democrats.

People are the lords, government is the slave. The only other option is to make slaves of all the people.

It’s legal to murder if you call it abortion. It’s legal to steal, if you are doing it under the auspices of a government agency, which is funny because the government has made felons out of one of every ten Americans. New Zealand and Australia are doing the same thing. The rise in the number of felony convictions is not because our citizens are becoming increasingly wicked but because the government itself has become wicked.

Dr. Weaver explains the legal and biblical doctrine of INTERPOSITION.

What is the difference between being a “doer of the word” and just a “hearer”?

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