TBR’s Dixie Heritage Show, Sept. 25, 2020 – Jim Gray


Dr. Ed continues last week’s conversation with long-time TBR subscriber Jim Gray.

Jim Gray is well know to our Texas listeners because of his letters to the editor and interviews that have appeared in the newspapers of Houston, Dallas, Abilene, Austin, San Antonio and throughout the Lone Star State. Jim has also spoken to UDC and SCV groups throughout the state on the history of the Texas flag.

Jim and Dr. Ed’s great-grandfathers probably knew each other since they both served in the same regiment during the WBTS. That is where last week’s phone call starts. Little did Dr. Ed know that his guest had for years been the chief deputy of Gregg County, Texas and was with the motorcade that escorted President Kennedy from the plane to the grassy knoll.

As last week’s show unfolded, Jim Gray shared some interesting details about the Kennedy assassination that you have probably never heard before. This week is another revelation about that fateful day in Dallas, followed by our guest talking some more about his Confederate ancestors.

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