TBR’S DIXIE HERITAGE SHOW, FEB. 14, 2020 – Dr. Ed talks about the National Anthem @ Sporting Events


Dr. Ed talks about the playing of the National Anthem and other “propaganda” at sporting events.

Is this North Korea or Soviet Russia? Should athletes be made to “prove” their loyalty to the “glorious leader” or to the State before given the privilege of playing a game? Should the fans have to “Hail Caesar” before given the privilege of watching the sport?

Did you know the US government pays millions to the NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. to serve as propaganda agents for the military and various government agencies?

Would the whole problem of athletes taking a knee resolve itself if the Anthem were simply not played?

Oh, by the way did you know that the Anthem at sporting events was not common before WWII and our government got the idea from the NAZI’s?

This episode will either have you shouting “AMEN” or it will make you very mad at the host!

Hopefully you’ll at least laugh when Dr. Ed makes up words as he goes to the North Korean national anthem.

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