TBR Radio’s Dixie Heritage Hour August August 16, 2019 – Gary Casteel

TBR Radio's Dixie Heritage Hour

We often discuss monument removal, but have we ever considered what it takes to create and erect a monument?

In today’s TBR Radio Presents: The Dixie Heritage Hour, Dr. Ed calls sculptor Gary Casteel. Gary has sculpted three of the Confederate monuments on the Gettysburg battlefield as well as other monuments all across the country.

Gary tells us about his studio in Gettysburg, how he became a sculptor, and what drew him specifically to sculpting historical and War Between the States monuments.

Gary explains exactly what a sculptor does and walks us through the complete process of creating a bronze statue from its commission to its drawing to the sculpting in clay and from there to and through the foundry, and finally, to its erection.

What upkeep is required to maintain a monument? Why do some agencies, jurisdictions and institutions do a better job than others at maintenance?

Gary also answers the question: “What is it like, as the person who created and sculpted the monument, to see it taken down?”

Miniature detailed replicas of Confederate monuments that he has sculpted can be purchased on Gary’s website, casteelsculpturesllc.com.

Also discussed is the National Memorial to the War Between the States.

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