TBR RADIO’S DIXIE HERITAGE HOUR March 15, 2019 – Billy Roper

TBR Radio's Dixie Heritage Hour

In this week’s TBR Radio Presents: The Dixie Heritage Hour Dr. Ed interviews Billy Roper, author of 15 books and host of the weekly Roper Report radio show. Billy’s degrees in anthropology uniquely qualify him to comment on the decline of our culture.

His Master’s thesis was a controversial claim that whites settled North America before the “native Americans” crossed the Bearing Straight. He explains that just as the Indians crossed the Pacific on the Bearing Straight, their white predecessors had crossed the Atlantic on an ice shelf during the “ice age.”

Then the conversation transitions to the topics of “racism” and “diversity” and how “diversity” never occurs naturally but only happens when an outside force like government forces it. People, left to their own freedom of association, will almost always choose to identify with people like themselves. This is NOT “racism” but simply human nature. So if there is a problem with “racism” in America it is the creation of the government. In other words, government is the cause of the problem; therefore, more government is not the solution. Basically, Billy explains, as an anthropologist, why “nationalist” movements are emerging across North America, all over Europe, and around the world. “White nationalists,” “black nationalists,” “hispanic nationalists” etc. are not racists. They are just people doing what people have done over and over again in the numerous cycles of civilization that have occurred throughout human history.

JFK may have in part been killed because he understood the danger of “multiculturalism” and refused to advance the political agenda of “identity politics” and advocate for the “immigration breakdown” that has overtaken the Democrat Party of today.

But what we are seeing is NOT a new phenomenon. Rather, we are seeing the end of our empire and the breakdown of our civilization. And, we are seeing our state and empire breakdown EXACTLY as did Rome and other great empires before it. Because what our government is failing to force is exactly what many before it also failed to force. The social turmoil we are living in is the natural revolt of people to do what is natural when the force of government attempts to force them to do the unnatural. Billy explains different aspects of these cultural and societal evolutions and revolutions in detail in each of his books and in shorter form for our listeners as he condenses years of anthropological studies into a very short hour.

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