TBR Radio’s Dixie Heritage Hour June 14, 2019 – Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

TBR Radio's Dixie Heritage Hour

Dr. Ed calls Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, who was the guest on TBR Radio’s highest-rated, most-listened-to show of 2018.

Dr. Johnson is a Russian Orthodox priest, college professor and one of the United States’s foremost experts on Russia. He tells Dr. Ed about his new book, The Soviet Experiment, recently published by TBR Press. They also discuss the recent summit between Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un (BIG NEWS that is NOT being reported by any mainstream news sources).

Additional discussion focuses on Joe Biden’s less-than-honest dealings in the Ukraine and how that news might affect the 2020 Democrat Primary.

The conversation ends with a discussion of “Russian collusion.” But rather than repeat all the hullabaloo from the mainstream media, Dr. Johnson tells us what we should be talking about regarding Russia and collusion. For example, back in the ’90s, the United States did not just “meddle” or “interfere” or attempt to “influence” the Russian election of Boris Yeltsin; the United States outright rigged the Russian election for Yeltsin (who had a 5% approval rating among the Russian people) and even bragged about it in Time magazine.

The show begins with a musical performance by the Russian National Children’s Choir and ends with a rare performance of the old Soviet national anthem in English.

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