TBR RADIO’S DIXIE HERITAGE HOUR JAN. 25, 2019 – Commander General Byron Brady

TBR Radio's Dixie Heritage Hour

In this week’s TBR Radio Presents: The Dixie Heritage Hour Dr. Ed calls Byron Brady, Commander General of the Military Order of the Stars and Bars (MOS&B).

The Military Order of the Stars and Bars is a lineage society founded in 1938 for men who are descended from military officers or political leaders of the Confederate States of America.

Dr. Ed shares his stories of when he joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and again when he joined the MOS&B. Commander General Brady explains why the order was established, how it works with and compliments the work of the SCV, and why men who are already SCV members should join the order as well.

The SCV, UDC and MOS&B have been shifting from being “non-political” to politically active in light of the attacks against our heritage. Commander General Brady talks about this transition as Dr. Ed gives illustrations of what he is encountering in his effort to approach the political machine in the nation’s capitol. This is pertinent because in years past, many southern political figures were members of the MOS&B and SCV whereas now, political figures either avoid such memberships or downplay their memberships.

What happened at the recent MOS&B and SCV conventions? How does one join the MOS&B? What is the MOS&B actively involved in today?

So what happened to Rep. Steve King and why? Dr. Ed explains toward the end of the broadcast.

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