TBR RADIO’S DIXIE HERITAGE HOUR Feb. 1, 2019 – 2nd Interview with Joseph Jay

TBR Radio's Dixie Heritage Hour

On this week’s TBR Radio Presents The Dixie Heritage Hour Dr. Ed continues his conversation with Professor Joseph Jay, author of the new book Sacred Conviction: The South’s Stand for Biblical Authority, from Shotwell Publishing.

Professor Jay explains the differences in how the topic of slavery and other political hot-button issues were addressed from the pulpits in the North as opposed to how the same subjects were discussed from the pulpits in the South; primarily, Northern preachers would twist and rend scripture to conform them to their political opinion whereas Southern preachers would conform their political opinions to the literal interpretation of scripture. There were also serious differences of theology between the Northern and Southern churches with the contributions of Southern theologians primarily overlooked in the modern-day discussions of theological arguments.

Puritanism, which bred the “Yankee” mindset, had within it the seeds of the nation’s destruction and lent itself to “Social Justice” movements that are not very unlike the “Social Justice” movements on the political left today.

Also discussed are how and why educational institutions move leftward: Conservatives start schools, liberals over-run them, and the cycle repeats. Conservative denominations like the Southern Baptist Convention may have saved their seminaries from liberalism in the late 20th century only to lose them to post-modernism in the 21st.

Southern Baptist leadership is actively intimidating and even attacking teachers and leaders who are politically conservative, especially those who are pro-Southern. Professor Jay and Dr. Ed give specific examples of this.

Basically, there is no middle ground in the culture war. Once you are determined by the leftists to not be in their camp you will not be allowed to rest until you have been silenced, hence Dr. Ed’s “bull in the China shop” approach: When the left gets louder, we get louder.

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