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In this week’s broadcast of TBR Radio Presents: The Dixie Heritage Hour Dr. Ed places a Skype video call to Rick Tyler, CEO of the American Freedom Party.

Rick talks about his two previous runs for Congress, the controversial 2016 campaign billboard that put him in the national spotlight, and his most recent 2018 gubernatorial campaign in Tennessee. Rick shares the horror stories of good people who were targeted by the IRS simply for donating to third-party campaigns, the process of getting on the ballot in different states, and why he is selling his restaurant so he can devote himself full-time to political activism.

The political landscape of Tennessee is different from many states in that it does not have a major city that turns its elections. That said, Memphis is very different from the rest of Tennessee, and that is why Confederate monuments have come under attack there while they have been relatively safe, comparatively speaking, in other parts of the state.

The interview gets really interesting when Rick shares that Google Earth is blacking out the view of three remote mountain fortresses where he believes that the federal government’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is actually protecting if not outright operating Islamic terrorist training camps in Tennessee. DHS officers have actively prevented Rick and several journalists who have attempted to go to these enclaves to interview the leaders from doing so. Rick said that it is the DHS, and not the Islamists, who are preventing their travel to these areas.

Rick and the American Freedom Party will be hosting a leadership Summit March 8-10 and a national conference with several in-demand speakers from June 28th-30th at a state park in Tennessee. A state park was selected as the location because the Park Service will not allow groups like antifa to set up their “protest zones,” thus allowing delegates to enjoy the conferences in peace.

Also discussed are the State of the Union Address and the question, is Donald Trump actively governing or is he just living in the White House?

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