TBR Radio’s Dixie Heritage Hour Dec. 14, 2018 – Dr. Scott Lively

TBR Radio's The Dixie Heritage Hour

In this week’s edition of TBR Radio Presents: The Dixie Heritage Hour, Dr. Ed interviews two-time Massachusetts GOP gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Lively. Scott came within inches of claiming the party’s nomination from incumbent Charlie Baker at this year’s convention. He also came just a few votes shy of beating Baker in the primary.

In addition to his political candidacy, Scott is a world-traveled attorney, humanitarian, pastor, and author.

Scott explains how the political machines (of both parties) work in Massachusetts and takes us into the deep details of a political campaign. He also explains in detail how he was planning to have exercised the legal doctrines of states’ rights and nullification in Massachusetts upon moving into the governor’s mansion. He does not just say he believes in these things, but that he would have done them. He explains a detailed plan whereby a governor could actually create a real-life “constitutional crisis” that would force federal intervention and Supreme Court review into a state thereby forcing into the national forefront the issues for which our ancestors fought. He would, as he says, have “either won big and totally transformed America or wound up spending the rest of my life in prison for trying.”

The candidate also shares with us the “inside baseball” on what both the Dems and the “Never-Trumpers” within the GOP are planning for 2020, the skinny on exactly what they are setting up for President Trump. It will be a “bipartisan” effort unlike anything we’ve ever seen politically because, as Dr. Lively explains, both parties are now firmly rooted to the left in a doctrine called “secular humanism.”

Dr. Lively’s effort to take the ideology of our Southern ancestors to the liberal battleground of Massachusetts is proof that the ideas for which our ancestors fought were much bigger than themselves and bigger than their culture and country – ideas that live on and always will so long as there are men who believe in God and who seek to live freely.

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