TBR Radio’s The Dixie Heritage Hour Sept. 7, 2018 – Paul Angel on TBR’s ‘Holocausts’ Issue

TBR Radio's The Dixie Heritage Hour

On this edition of TBR Radio’s The Dixie Heritage Hour, TBR Editor-In-Chief Paul Barnes joins Dr. Ed to discuss the 130-page perfect-bound September/October “Holocausts” issue of THE BARNES REVIEW Magazine.

Robert E. Lee said that: “It is a good thing that war was so horrible else we should grow too fond of it.”

This enlarged and expanded issue of TBR documents the horrors of war and especially how horrible it becomes when its generals and their political masters overly enjoy it.

The Barnes Review 'Holocasts' IssueIn addition to discussing Dr. Ed’s lead article on North Korea, Ed and Paul discuss: The slaughter of American Indians at the hand of the US Army, the slaughter of Southerners by the order of Lincoln and the Yankees, the absolute destruction of Europe in two World Wars, the slaughter of Jews in Europe by the Nazis during WWII, the extermination of 3 million German POWs after the war, and the retaliation against the civilian populations of Germany and Japan both during the war and at war’s end as the Allies targeted civilian targets actually seeking maximum civilian casualties. WWII ended with an atomic holocaust of previously unimaginable devastation.

The issue also addresses the Bolshevik murders of 60 million people, the Soviet starvation of millions more in Ukraine, and the cultural destruction of Europe happening now.

It all started with Lincoln’s war of Northern aggression toward the South, says Dr. Ed, who points out that when the United States lost its national soul in about 1863 that unleashed upon “Western” nations the concept of “total warfare” and making possible all subsequent holocausts and genocides.





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