TBR Radio – The Dixie Heritage Hour 06/08/18 – interview w/ Andy Calhoun

Dr. Ed interviews Dixie Heritage subscriber Andy Calhoun.

Andy, who is a descendant of the late Vice-President, John C. Calhoun, is the author of a collection of letters written by his great grandfather, John Francis Calhoun, to his “Darling Wife” during the years he served as a volunteer officer in the Confederate States Army.

Andy tells us about the letters exchanged between his grandparents and what they tell us about the War Between the States as it was viewed by a volunteer soldier and his wife who had to hold it all together back home.
Also discussed is John C. Calhoun’s impact on the nation’s history and the founding of Clemson University. The Calhoun family still maintains strong ties to the University today.

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