TBR Radio – The Dixie Heritage Hour 05/25/18 – interview w/ Pat Shannan

Dr. Ed interviews investigative journalist Pat Shannan.

Through his career, Pat has covered the biggest stories in the news: The JFK, MLK, and RFK, and John Lennon assassinations; the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, and the more recent murders of Vince Foster and NFL star Pat Tillman.

In today’s interview, Pat talks about his encyclopedic book: Everything They Ever Told Me Was a Lie.

Also discussed are the difference between lawful money and Federal Reserve Notes, the Oklahoma City bombing, the unverifiable past of Barack Obama, and George H. W. Bush’s close friendship to the father of the would-be assassin of Ronald Reagan.

Did you know that there have been at least SEVEN assassination attempts against President Trump that the controlled media has simply refused to report?

You don’t want to miss this week’s TBR Radio Presents: The Dixie Heritage Hour.


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