TBR Radio – The Dixie Heritage Hour 05/11/18 – interview w/ Paul Angel

Dr. Ed interviews Paul Angel, the editor of The Barnes Review.

Together, they review the May/June 2018 issue of TBR Magazine.

This includes discussions of the MLK and RFK Assassinations, the Assassination of Robert Ford (the “dirty little coward who shot Mr. Howard”), Jesse James’ death being avenged by a yankee, the similarities in the coup to take down Richard Nixon and the one aimed at Donald Trump, Leni Riefenstahl, Walt Disney, who really started WWI, and the true legacy and impact of Herbert Hoover.

Also discussed are Dr. Ed’s debut TBR article, “Secession and the Law of God,” and a dangerous new “law” which, when South Carolina legislators refused to pass it properly, was buried by the Governor in this year’s State budget.

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