TBR Radio – The Dixie Heritage Hour 05/04/18 – interview w/ The Common Constitutionalist

Dr. Ed interviews Dixie Heritage subscriber Brent Smith, best known for his syndicated column, The Common Constitutionalist, which appears in WorldNet Daily, The Daily Caller, and several other publications.

Brent talks about his time in the Navy, meeting Ronald Reagan and Casper Weinberger, and how President Reagan inspired him to become a patriot, and ultimately a writer and a journalist. Brent discusses his recent WorldNet Daily article on the Bill of Rights and the amendments that almost made it into the Bill of Rights.

They talk at length about the gun laws that were passed in Colonial America and the importance of the Second Amendment.

Is President Trump shifting on the Second Amendment? Should we be concerned?

Is Neal Gorsuch a Conservative?

Brent and Ed answer these and other questions.

Also discussed were the Black Robe Regiment, New Hampshire’s Mast Road Insurrection, Massachusetts politics, military bureaucracy, and a Southern boys ongoing struggle at adaptation to living in New England.


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