TBR Radio – The Dixie Heritage Hour 04/27/18 – interview w/ Rüdiger

Dr. Ed makes an international SKYPE call to Germany to interview his long-time friend.

In our country, as monuments are starting to come down, as our history and culture are being cleansed of all things “Confederate and Southern” – well, Germany was purged of its flags, monuments, and symbols years ago.

If you think that its becoming increasingly uncomfortable to display a Confederate Flag, Germans go to PRISON for displaying the German (NAZI) Flag or for wearing clothing with the swastika symbol on it. And dare to question the official history of WWII in Germany or maybe just ask the wrong question and you go to jail.

Dr. Ed and Rüdiger discuss exactly how Germany was cleansed and, if the United States continues to follow in Germany’s pattern, what has happened there will begin to happen here. Rüdiger also discusses how patriotism has been all but banned in Germany to prevent “nationalism” and why the German spirit will not be broken despite the efforts of EU politicians to do so. BREXIT, according to many Germans, is a good thing.

Towards the end, Rüdiger tells Dr. Ed how hard it was just to get a fishing license, costing over $1,000. And if you think that was difficult, wait till you hear what Germans have to do in order to get a hunting license.

Don’t think that it can’t happen in the USA – every FREEDOM-loving American needs to listen to this interview!


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