TBR Radio: The Dixie Heritage Hour, January 19, 2018 – interview w/ John Schneider

Dr. Ed interviews Dukes of Hazzard star and country music legend John Schneider. They talk about John’s ongoing life as Bo Duke, his upcoming project to release 52 new Country Music videos (one for each week of 2018), his new Album, including an awesome re-release of the Dukes’ themesong “Just a Good Ole’ Boy,” and his charity work. Also discussed are his upcoming variety TV show (inspired by Hee Haw and the Carol Burnett Show) Yee Haw, banjo legend Roy Clark, the late Buck Owens, Adam West, Batman, William Shatner, Captain Kirk, space aliens, the Roswell incident, and an invitation to his upcoming April birthday party in Louisiana. John also takes a few minutes sharing his personal feelings about the Rebel Flag and his response to those who want to purge our country of all things Southern.




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