TBR Radio – The Dixie Heritage Hour 3/9/18 – interview w/John Friend

In this week’s episode of TBR Radio Presents: The Dixie Heritage Hour, Dr. Ed interviews investigative reporter John Friend.

John’s columns and articles are very familiar to the regular readers of The Barnes Review and of the American Free Press. Dr. Ed has also become a regular contributor to AFP. So this interview gives our listeners an opportunity to get to know the writers on a personal level.

The more serious discussion in this week’s interview John explains how a misinformation campaign is orchestrated, how the mainstream media takes advantage of tragic events to advance their own leftist agenda, how the real truth is often hidden in plain sight but hard to determine because of all of the multiple “accounts” of the story, and the ongoing attacks against both the 1st and 2nd Amendment.

Also discussed is Political correctness in relation to Southern Heritage.

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