TBR on Radio Aryan


TBR’s Senior Researcher Matthew Raphael Johnson was the guest of Matthew Heimbach on “The Daily Traditionalist,” a show produced by Radio Aryan.

Could Putin’s Russia be a source of funds for nationalists abroad? Russia has been initiating positive relations with Nationalist parties throughout Europe.  Russia is at the forefront of the fight against the NWO and could prove to be a source of backing in the same way that the USSR financed the world’s communist parties.

Johnson talks about Russia’s law about “World War II revisionism,” passed by the Duma and signed by Putin recently. Since “Holocaust denial” is a daily topic on the floor of the Russian Duma, it is clearly not aimed at that. The law was aimed at people attacking the Russian military’s victory in the war, not the Holocaust. No one has been prosecuted under this law and this is likely to remain the case. Rejecting the Holocaust tale is perfectly mainstream in Russia and is quite a normal topic of polite conversation.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt Russia is today the leader of the anti-imperialist movement. It was not that long ago when Johnson and others told Slobodan Milosevic to get on the propaganda ball as his enemies were doing. He did not see the importance of good PR. Unfortunately, Putin seems to be the same.

TBR on Radio Aryan

Russians hate “democracy” in the western sense of the term. They associate it with post-modern capitalism and the destruction of their economy. Voting is just a way to give legitimate authority to Putin. When he took power, tax enforcement was non-existent and the military chain of command had long become a memory. Putin ended this farce.

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