TBR HISTORY HOUR – 6/4/2021 – From the Archives

TBR History Hour with Dr. Ed DeVries


Segment 1 – clips from a 2018 interview with Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson that were unused in previous broadcasts. Great material that just didn’t fit into the available time back in 2018.

Segment 2 – Ioannis Lagos, an elected member of the European Parliament, is a political prisoner in a Greek prison. He speaks to us from his cell by way of a recorded message.

Segment 3 – a 1977 sermon preached by the infamous Rev. Jim Jones at a denominational conference. Accusations of being a “cult” aside, both Jones and the People’s Temple were pretty “mainstream” with the church being a respected member of the Disciples of Christ denomination and Jones being a leader in the denomination. In the message, Jones, who at the time was also a Commissioner in San Francisco (Housing Commission) talks of his then recent meeting with President Carter.


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