State-Run Central Banks

There’s a list circulating around social media purporting to be the definitive list of all nations with a “Rothschild controlled” central bank. Its nothing but a list of all the countries in the world except North Korea and Syria. There are several nations with state-run central banks besides North Korea and Syria, almost all of them successful economic examples. This list should be ignored.

The first is Belarus. In 2000, the Banking Code was passed stating “The National Bank is the central bank and a state body of the Republic of Belarus and operates exclusively in the interests of the country. . . .The National Bank is accountable to the President of Belarus” (Banking Code, 2000, art 24). Belarus is the most successful post-Soviet state due to their refusal of IMF “advice” on privatizations in the late 1990s.

Burma also has a state controlled central bank. Its so state-controlled that its headed by a general. Both Than Nyein, the former President of the bank, and Kyaw Kyaw Maung, his successor, were military men.
Even more, the 1990 Banking Law in that country says that 50% of the board of the bank cannot come from the financial, state or the corporate sector. They must be ordinary people.

Gen. Kyaw Kyaw Maung: Never invited to a single Rothschild cocktail party.

In addition, both Chinese banks, that in Peking and the other in Taipei, are controlled by the state. This is how they survived the 1997 Asian meltdown arranged by George Soros that permitted the western oligarchs to take over the Japanese and South Korean economies. Both Chinas were unharmed since the state simply refused to take Soros’ cues. On the other hand, those with privately controlled banks, such as Thailand, saw their currencies quickly rendered worthless.

Presently, Russia is a battleground. Putin inherited a western-controlled central bank. However, since the west placed sanctions on the country, Putin has been steadily building a coalition to replace the bank’s board with nationalists dedicated to Russia rather than Rothschild interests. The conclusion of this has yet to be revealed. However, this writer is fairly certain of the outcome.

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