Sam Houston—A Revisionist Look at the Life & Career of the ‘Hero of San Jacinto’

By Bruce Marshall. There is no more enduring American hero than Sam Houston, who led the rebellious Texans to victory over the Mexicans at San Jacinto, which helped gain Texas its independence. His strategy was a cunning retreat designed to lead the Mexican dictator Santa Anna into a clever trap at San Jacinto, according to the standard histories. But is there more to the story?


In truth, Houston never had any intention of making a stand at San Jacinto, and by the end of the campaign the majority of his officers and men despised him as an egotistical military incompetent who shamelessly stole the laurels due others. The credit for San Jacinto belongs to his determined little army who won a stunning dual victory over both the Mexicans and their own commander. [Read the entire article as PDF…]

Taken from
The Barnes Review, May/June 2005: A Revisionist Look at Gen. Sam Houston