Rise and Fall of the Jewish Reich

By Mike Walsh. A study of Jewish involvement in worldwide Communist insurrections reveals as much between the lines as in them. Something to ponder is that Jewish participation in Bolshevism is something Jews make no secret of. In fact, since the beginning of the 20th century Jewish media boasted of the vital part Jews played in the ignition, spread and control of Communism.

On the other hand, non-Jewish media airbrushes Jewish complicity out of the narrative. Indeed, such media is hostile to any mention of Jewish involvement even should it be penned in a positive presentation.

How bizarre it is that researchers seeking the truth are obliged to do their digging in Jewish graveyards? The Vivo Encyclopaedia of Jews in Eastern Europe makes no bones about this contentious subject. Their Communist Party of the Soviet Union hits the yarmulke on the head.

“Jews played a prominent role in the Communist Party from its inception.”

Not in itself earth shattering news but imagine an unlikely report in a mainstream newspaper; “Gentiles played a prominent role in the Communist Party from its inception.”

The original report continues:  “It (Soviet Communist Party) came into being as the Bolshevik faction of the Russian Social Democrat Workers Party (RSDWP). There is a misnomer if ever there was one. Like them or loathe them Jews revel in their exclusivity and are disinclined towards socialism. As an ethnic group the genus, by no stretch of the imagination, could be described as democratic. In respect of Jews associating themselves with workers the term used really does take the biscuit. After a lifetime of hard work I cannot recall meeting or making the acquaintance of a single Jew with a predisposition towards what most of us consider the work ethic.

I digress: From 2003 the RSDWP morphed into The Russian Communist Party (of Bolsheviks) then the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCP) in 1925 and the Communist Party of the Union (CPSU) in 1925.

Membership of these parties did not in itself imply active participation in governance or decision making. However, and this is the important aspect, membership ‘was a prerequisite for public activity and facilitated employment and advancement in education.’ Furthermore, membership had to be on-going. Only in the 1950s was adjustment made to concede membership to ‘backward ethnic groups’; a term used for non-Jewish participation.

Jews predominated in the RSDWP from the beginning. Apart from being active in the party’s Jewish faction the Bund sought to solicit and mobilize the ‘Jewish street’ by conducting propaganda activity in Yiddish. From the Yiddish speaking ‘Jewish Street’ recruitment campaign the Evsektsiia (Jewish section) drew its personnel and notoriously its senior echelons.

Jews comprised a significant proportion of the party’s ‘Russian’ contingent. These assimilated Jews were attracted to the Mensheviks rather than the Bolsheviks. Whilst 1,000 hard-line Jews appear insignificant in a party whose membership is recorded as 23,000 ‘they were highly overrepresented in the Bolshevik leadership.’ This figure is also set against the fact that in 1917 Jews represented only 1.8% of the Russian population. Thanks to their being financed by Wall Street’s globalist banks one was about to see the Jewish tail wagging the Russian dog.

The Communist Party’s role was solely in the hands of insurrectionists whose scale of mass murder and satanic depravities was such that its horror defies the imagination. These names included Lev Kamenev, Maxim Litvinov, Karl Radek, Yakov Sverdlov, Leon Trotsky and Grigory Zinoviev.

The Jewish hijacking of the party did not go unnoticed. Such didn’t escape the notice of the disenfranchised non-Jewish members of the party. The complaint was that blatant Jewish control led to non-Jews highlighting Jewish involvement ‘in order to contaminate the party’s public image’.

As the seizure of Russia took its gip competing factions were caught up in rivalry. This led to much blood-letting; very few insurrectionists survived the ensuing carnage.

Of note is the concession that ‘the number of Jewish party members swelled after the Bolshevik takeover in October 1917’. A blood fest was about to take place and Jews wanted to be in on the killing frenzy that was pre-set to consume the unfortunate peoples of Russia and Central Europe.

Of note is the use of the term ‘Bolshevik takeover’. This term is never used by non-Jewish media. Bolshevik takeover is a euphemism for regime change, a seizure of government. This expression is much less mealy-mouthed that the west’s preferred ‘Russian Revolution’, which was neither Russian nor a revolution.

That the Jews 1.8% of the population could assume 24% of the party membership is significant enough. However, if one instead focuses not on party membership but the controlling sections of the organs of Soviet Russia then it is clear that Jewish control of the party apparatus is absolute.

In Russia, awareness of Jewish complicity in the Bolshevik seizure of Tsarist Russia is widespread. Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly chastised orthodox Jews for crimes committed under Jewish inspired Bolshevism. Could you imagine that happening in the West?

Change only occurred after World War II when Jewish control of the Soviet Union declined. Perhaps this was a consequence of the power grab in Palestine that offered what Hitler described as a haven for international criminals. By 1952, the percentage of Jews in the Central Committee had been reduced to just 2.1% and by 1976 Jews represented just 1.9% of the Communist Party membership.



Trotsky’s White Negroes: The Censored Holocaust,  Mike Walsh.

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