by Dr. Ed DeVries


By and large, Americans are expressing support for the federal COVID-19 relief bill quickly passed through Congress in the early days of Joe Biden’s pseudo-presidency. Chances are also that by and large, Americans have no idea what is actually in the bill, because if they did, chances are that they would feel differently about it.

The bill is an absolute refutation of everything that America is supposed to stand for. An absolute abandonment of the uniquely American idea of equal treatment under the law.  In short, this Biden/Democrat bill is pure-D racist through and through.

Perhaps the most egregious, is Section 1005, offering “socially disadvantaged” farmers total debt forgiveness for several hundreds of thousands of no-strings-attached dollars per farmer. But white farmers need not apply because the bill’s definition of “socially disadvantaged,” is any and every farmer so long as he is NOT white.

Compliments of Dominion voting machines and scallywag Governor Bryan Kemp (who refused to do squat to reign in his State’s outright election fraud) Section 1005 was proposed by freshman senator Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) who had the unmitigated gall to say that his blatantly racist measure “will make up for years of discrimination.”

Warnock, New York’s Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, and two other Democrats are also demanding that the Federal Government give 32 million acres of farmland to black farmers over the next 10 years. This land, of course, to be stolen from their neighboring white farmers.

Discrimination also fouls the bill’s assistance to restaurants. While the bill brags of granting restauranteurs up to $5 million per restaurant to offset their losses caused by lockdowns, again, white men need not apply. The money is only available to women, veterans, and the owners of “socially and economically disadvantaged” restaurants.

The above being but two of many examples, the bill looks more like reparations than pandemic relief. The simple reality is that the plandemic hurt everyone. Especially in industries like agriculture, where farmers have been struggling for decades. Even before COVID, more than half of America’s farms lost money in any given year. And the statistical fact is that minority-owned farms are actually less indebted than those owned by whites. Nonetheless, both white and minority farmers alike need debt relief.

When Oregon and Colorado earmarked their state’s COVID relief funds for “minority” businesses only, their state’s white business owners sued, demanding equal treatment under the law. So too should the federal government be sued.

Discriminating against white farmers and business owners doesn’t just violate the 14th Amendment principle that all Americans are supposed to be equal under the law. Racism against whites won’t cure past racism against blacks or anyone else. The answer to racism should not be more racism.

The COVID relief bill forces all reasonable people to ask if Joe Biden and the Democrats actually want to reunite our fractured nation? Or do they really just wish to further divide it?


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