Witness to History: The Reich Legend Uncensored


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By Marc Roland

f all the innumerable written source materials I have read during the last 70 years concerning Adolf Hitler, Witness to History is the most compelling, realistic overview of the Third Reich in print, because its events are told by those who made them.

This vast collection of often sharply contrasting statements held by diverse personalities is deftly woven together through the author’s own, interlacing narrative into a truly epic tapestry, as brilliantly colorful, as it is ferociously dramatic. Readers stand before its broad scope in awe of the monumental result achieved, and are left breathless with the feeling that they themselves have become witnesses to history. In a single volume of 416 pages, Mike Walsh has composed a comprehensive masterpiece to accurately encompass the most decisive and multifarious epoch of modern history, all in a consistently readable and self-evidently convincing form. As such,

Witness to History: The Reich Legend Uncensored
makes an ideal introduction to the subject for anyone less acquainted with it than better informed students who will, notwithstanding, treasure the text for its rich abundance of enlightening information, much of it unfamiliar, even to National Socialist scholars.

For example, Britain’s prophetic author of that classic, dystopian novel,
1984, is quoted as having stated, “I should like to put it on record that I have never been able to dislike Adolf Hitler. The fact is that there is something deeply appealing about him. One feels, as with Napoleon, that he is fighting against a destiny that he can’t win and, yet, that he somehow deserves to.” When that overwhelming destiny George Orwell mentioned reached its climax in 1945, Anwar Sadat, who, 25 years later, became the third president of Egypt, wrote to the German leader, “My dear Hitler: I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. Even if you appear to have been defeated, in reality, you are the victor.”

According to Harry Elmer Barnes, the great American historian, in whose name this magazine is published, “In no country has the historical black-out been more intense and effective than in Great Britain. Here, the able English lawyer and historian of warfare Frederick J.P. Veale christened it ‘The Iron Curtain of Discreet Silence.’ Virtually nothing has been written to reveal the truth about British responsibility for the Second World War and its disastrous results.”

British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain concurred. He privately lamented in little more than a month after England declared war on Germany:

History will judge the press generally to have become the principle cause of the war. Of all Germans, Hitler is the most moderate … In three days last week, I had 2,450 letters, and 1,860 [76%] of these were ‘stop the war,’ in one form or another.

His successor, Winston Churchill, saw things differently: “The war is not just a matter of the elimination of Fascism in Germany, but rather of obtaining German sales markets.”

These and many dozens more like them form, as it were, a dialogue from the past that allows history to speak for itself. Combined, they make for an historical tour de force of the most significant turning point in the development of human civilization.

Witness to History: The Reich Legend Uncensored

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Witness to History:
The Reich Legend Uncensored

RESCUED! By Mike Walsh.

Witness to History
was 25 years in the making with one purpose in mind: a single, comprehensive book that divulges previously censored information while effectively debunking the propaganda of the victors. At the same time, the author puts into perspective the catastrophic 20th century by presenting the big picture surrounding the so-called Russian Revolution of 1917 up to and through the attempted genocide of the people of defeated Germany. In this book, Walsh gives those who made this epoch their chance to tell us their unfiltered, spin-free comments in their own words.

Witness to History
is that book with the actual words of literally hundreds of eyewitnesses to the events of WWII—from high-ranking world leaders and military men to the average citizen on the streets. Softcover, 416 pages, illustrated, #995, $35

Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1—A Russian Revolution Without Russians

CHAPTER 2—The Enemy at the Gate

CHAPTER 3—Jewish Power in Germany

CHAPTER 4—Adolf Hitler and Genuine Democracy

CHAPTER 5—Money Changers Driven from the German Temple

CHAPTER 6—The Good Life in the Reich

CHAPTER 7—Religion in National Socialist Germany

CHAPTER 8—Prime Minister and Statesman David Lloyd George

CHAPTER 9—1936 Berlin Olympics

CHAPTER 10—German Pleas for Peace Rejected

CHAPTER 11—1933: The Race Nation Declares War on Germany

CHAPTER 12—With These 26 Soldiers I Will Conquer the World

CHAPTER 13—But by Jingo When We Do

CHAPTER 14—Blessed Be the Peace Movement

CHAPTER 15—Poland Provides Excuse for War

CHAPTER 16—Bolshevik Russia Prepares to Invade the Reich

CHAPTER 17—U.S. Blockade of Japan Forces Pearl Harbor Retaliation

CHAPTER 18—A Most Uncivilized Means of Warfare

CHAPTER 19—The Conquerors’ Bloodlust

CHAPTER 20—Germans Correct in their Behavior

CHAPTER 21—A Christian Nation Martyred

CHAPTER 22—Whilst God’s Back Was Turned

CHAPTER 23—Genocide by Starvation

CHAPTER 24—The Vultures Circle and Descend

CHAPTER 25—Brothers-in-Arms in Atrocities—The Allies

CHAPTER 26—Allies Slaughter on Industrial Scale

CHAPTER 27—To the Victors Go the Slaves

CHAPTER 28—Prisoners of War

CHAPTER 29—The Holocaust Controversy

CHAPTER 30—Nuremberg Trials on Trial

CHAPTER 31—Last Letter to Churchill from Herman Göring






Witness to History
 was 25 years in the making. Such an undertaking had never before been embarked upon. Witness was compiled with three goals and one purpose in mind. The first was to publish one book that would debunk the heavily spun output of establishment historians.

Conventional historians know that if they veer from the victors’ narrative, they will find difficulty in acquiring a publisher. The Soviet Union didn’t have a monopoly on dissident authors or palace publishers who stuck strictly to the politically correct mantra.

Secondly, to see in one volume the unfolding events of the catastrophic 20th century, one needs to see the big picture. It is fraudulent and expensive but profitable to publish 100,000 titles, each of which records or recycles different events. Such an approach leaves it to the reader to make sense out of a bag of incomplete jigsaw pieces presented from the biased point of view of the victors.

Finally, it is pointless to compile a book based on one historian’s spin. It seemed to be far better to give those who made history the opportunity to tell us their story in their words.

My sources are listed at the end of the book. I noted these sources as many have since been quietly removed from libraries and private and public collections as they are now considered politically incorrect. Why? They challenge the mandated narrative on World War II. For these three important reasons
Witness to History is unique.

I am merely a spectator of the 20th century’s unfolding epic. My role is to tell the decisions made by the 20th century’s most saintly and most sinister men, what happened and why it happened as it did.

You be the judge.

Over the years
Witness to History  has been repeatedly pirated and plagiarized. It has appeared in other languages. This copy of Witness to History is the only volume updated as of July 1, 2023. The only authentic volume guaranteed compiled, edited and certified by my hand. Perhaps I should now mention the purpose rather than the reason for publication.

It is estimated that between 1914 and 1989 no less than 70 to 100 million people needlessly and cruelly lost their lives. Who speaks for them? Who will explain their suffering if not me?

I bear witness and I pay homage to each and every victim of the two sides of the same coin, Capitalism and Communism.

The 20th century claimed the lives of 170 million people. The USSR, China, U.S. and UK were confirmed responsible for those martyred according to historian R. J. Rummel in his
Power, Genocide and Mass Murder , published by the Journal of Peace Research.

It is to these betrayed and forsaken martyrs that I dedicate
Witness to History. No one book can adequately tell of their tortured lives. All Witness to History can do is offer a snapshot of their suffering. It is my fervent and heartfelt wish that its message will help to avoid history repeating itself as it do often does.—Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh
Summer 2023

Note to the 2023 edition:


Though Witness to History has sold tens—if not hundreds—of thousands of copies over the decades, in 2022 it was unceremoniously removed from Amazon along with the entire collection of books I have written during my lifetime. This includes volumes of poetry, plus dozens of additional travel and authentic history books.

What is it about
Witness to History and my other books that so offends the Powers That Be that every major and minor publisher has refused to take up the task of producing a new edition? Judge for yourself.

Fortunately, the editors and publishers at The Bar
nes Review (TBR) see the value of this book—history through the eyes of those who were actually there, not the armchair Court Historians who shame themselves by repeating the lies of the victors for their 40 pieces of silver. 

My thanks go out to TBR for helping me bring this book back into the public domain, not only making this title available once again to the general public, but also helping me fight back against those who are determined to erase me and my work from history.—M.W.