Twelve Years in Hell: Victorian Southerners Expose the Myth of Reconstruction, 1865-1877



In his sweeping work Twelve Years in Hell: Victorian Southerners Expose the Myth of Reconstruction, 1865- 1877, award-winning historian Lochlainn Seabrook addresses these and hundreds of other issues related to the darkest, most debauched and tragic period in American history. The real story, which contradicts the manufactured one found in conventional history books, is told through the eyes of 125 individuals who lived through Reconstruction— mainly Southern men and women, but also a few Yankees. Based on eyewitness accounts and divided into two major sections, one comprised of essays, the second containing personal views, this is the only modern, purely Southern, accurate work on Reconstruction. To aid the reader, Seabrook includes discussions on events that occurred before and after Reconstruction, along with a fascinating in-depth introduction, hundreds of notes, an exhaustive index, an important appendix, a bibliography and rare pictures from the period.

Victorian Southerners correctly viewed and described Reconstruction as a Yankee Communist revolution. This Communist revolution was actually the second stage of a vengeful and vicious two-part war that had been planned far in advance to destroy the South. During Reconstruction, the Democrats (mainly Southerners) were Conservatives and the Republicans (mainly Northerners) were liberals. The original architect of Reconstruction, President Abraham Lincoln, privately planned to subjugate and then totally Northernize the South. After Lincoln’s assassination, Reconstruction was taken over by Socialists and Communists, all radical members of the then-left-wing Republican Party.

Southerners considered the 12 years between 1865 and 1877 an actual war, one they referred to as “The War of Reconstruction.” As part of Reconstruction, the liberal North repeatedly violated the Constitution while committing countless crimes against the conservative South, including robbery, destruction and seizure of private property, rape and murder. Simultaneously, honest, well-respected, legally elected Southern officials were thrown out of office and replaced by non-tax-paying illiterates, unscrupulous carpetbaggers and “progressive” thugs. To maintain dictatorial control over Dixie, the new radical left Republican government, headed by President Ulysses S. Grant, illegally weaponized the police, the courts and the military. Unfortunately, the Grant administration intentionally aggravated the situation by establishing a policy of Black supremacism across the South.

In order to defend themselves in this second war of widespread authoritarianism, lawlessness, corruption and mis-government, the South raised an underground counter-Reconstruction army of 500,000 men of all races, known as the “Invisible Empire.” Thanks to the heroic efforts of traditional Southerners—and even a few Democrat Yankees— the left’s radical Reconstruction revolution was cut short. Many of the social, racial and economic problems plaguing the United States today began during Reconstruction. Now the left is using the same 1870s’- era tactics it did back then for the same goal: the attainment of political supremacy. Yes, Reconstruction in the South continues into the 21st century by tearing down Confederate monuments, banning Confederate flags, slandering Southern heroes, misrepresenting the motives of Confederate soldiers, desecrating Confederate graves and suppressing factual Southern history books like this one from Sea Raven Press. —— Twelve Years in Hell (softcover, 520 pages, #1022).