Tom Quick: The Man Behind the Legend Vol. I and II

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Starting way back in 2016, an idea was born to gather together as many books, articles and other factual documents related to American folk hero, pioneer and famed Indian fighter Thomas “Tom” Quick as could be found and turn them all into a resource that would help separate fact from fiction in regard to this iconic frontier character. Why? Many people deny he actually existed. Thus, the editors of this effort chose to include information only from those sources that appeared before 1945. In this way, post-modern, politically correct reinterpretations of Quick are excluded and the real story could be told.

Modern documents, of course, routinely incorporate the same anti-White narratives, biases and themes that now infect all of academia and the media, especially when it comes to men like Quick who fought the “savages” as ferociously as any bloodthirsty “red man.” We also wanted to discard information that perpetuated the lies and nonsense associated with today’s so-called “Indian studies,” another forum for imaginary anti-White grievance. As TBR readers well know, the American Indian was, however, a formidable foe, and his customs—scalping, mutilating bodies, taking slaves, kidnapping children, brutally raping White women, abusing their own women, torturing prisoners etc.—are completely whitewashed by today’s “woke” historians.

The result of all this effort is a large, two-volume anthology on Tom Quick that will serve as a corrective. All interested parties need to read the original, unadulterated information contained here to get the necessary antidote to the poison of fake history.

VOLUME ONE: “Tom Quick, the Indian Slayer” by James E. Quinlan; “Legend of the Delaware” by William Bross; “The Era of Frontier Settlement” by Abraham S. Gardiner; “The Foundation and the Capstone” by Abraham S. Gardiner; “Tom Quick, Early American” by Frederick W. Crumb; and “Tom Quick, the Avenger” by James M. Allerton.

Softcover, 413 pages, item #963, $40 if ordered individually.

VOLUME TWO: “The Hawk’s Nest” by James M. Allerton; “A Minisink Double Wedding” by Charles E. Stickney; “The Quick Family in America” by Arthur C. Quick; a “Miscellaneous” section containing six fascinating items on Quick and his era from the likes of Mark Twain, Theo. D. Schoonmaker, De B. Randolph Keim and C.G. Hine. Also contains a section of pertinent illustrations, bibliography.

Softcover, 417 pages,#964, $40 if ordered individually.

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