The Track of the Jew through the Ages


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By Alred Rosenberg. Translated with an introduction and notes by Alexander Jacob. This classic study of the Jews, written when Rosenberg was only twenty-six years old, is based on an astonishingly wide range of historical sources and marked by the clearest understanding of the essential spiritual and intellectual differences between the Jews and the Europeans.

Tracing the history of the Jews in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Russian Revolution, it reveals the frighteningly ruthless manner in which the Jews, always a state within any state, gradually succeeded in destroying all the European empires in their aim of establishing a Zionist world-republic.

In the final analysis, the real danger of such a world-republic (which continues today under the guise of globalism) is seen to be that, by violently undermining the spiritual cultural foundations of the European states, it subjects the European peoples to a despotism whose intellectual aridity and obscenity are plainly revealed in the Talmud.

New authorized edition.


Introduction – Alexander Jacob

Foreword to the 1937 edition – Alfred Rosenberg

The Track of the Jew through the Ages

I General Questions

Diaspora; Trade and usury; Jewish moral laws; Religious intolerance; The ghetto; Talmud burning

II Historical Overview

The Jews in Portugal; The Jews in France; Jewry and Politics; Historical overview; The Jew and the German; The Entente Jew; The Jews and Freemasonry; Zionism; The Russian-Jewish Revolution

III The Jewish Mind

The Talmud; The technical mind; The 19th century; The Jewish character; The Jewish Energy; The Jewish world-rule; Consequences

191 pages. Softcover.