The Talmudic Jew


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Here is the first English-language edition of this valuable historical document! The author, August Rohling (1839–1931), was a German Catholic theologian, professor and author of critical studies of the Talmud, Judaism and Protestantism. The Talmudic Jew is his most famous work, first published in 1871 in Münster. Immediately after its appearance, a smear campaign against the book and its author was launched, even though all Rohling did was quote directly from the Talmud. Its translator and editor was A. Pontigny, who also wrote an introduction and a conclusion and who greatly expanded the text, mostly from Rohling’s other publications. Édouard Drumont, a French journalist, author and politician, contributed the preface. In his introduction, Pontigny says: “For more than six centuries, numerous scholars from all of Europe have been trying to reveal the mysterious dogmas and laws of the Talmud to their contemporaries. But perhaps no other book has shed so much light on this important subject as The Talmudic Jew, published several years ago by August Rohling, professor at the University in Prague. The author’s rare writing talent, his deep knowledge of the rabbinical language, literature and antiquities, his valiant frankness, and, last but not least, the general interest in this topic, more actual today than ever, ensured a sparkling success to this book, which quickly became a bestseller.” This book will be of great use to anyone interested in the history of Judaism. Softcover, 113 pages, #1017.