The Suppressed History of the West


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The Suppressed History of the West: Immigration, Subversion and Colonization from Rome to America and Russia

Here it is in one volume—the suppressed history of Western civilization as seen through the eyes of some of the most popular and prescient writers of the era, compiled by George Larson, Ph.D. and published by The Barnes Review. It is Larson’s contention that America has not been free for some time and has, in fact, been controlled by the Global Elite based in London. He provides evidence that the assassintion of JFK and Martin Luther King Jr. both were ordered from London. But that is only asmall part of this book. It also delves into those who have been pulling the strings of history since as far back as the Roman Empire and how mass immigration is one of the tools they use to control and destroy nations. Each chapter in this 385-page book is based upon the works of dozens of familiar authors and the books they have published that prove Larson’s contentions. Masterfully, Larson weaves it also together in one cogent, cohesive and compelling narrative. What is the Secret Society of Moses? What role do the Venetians play in history? Who created the Roman Catholic Church? How, really, did Europe sink into a Dark Age?  What is the purpose of modern art? Was there a Khazar invasion of America and the West? What about the “elite” presidencies of Roosevelt I, Roosevelt II and Wilson? Even Willis A. Carto’s work “Revenge of the Neanderthal” is included. So much in this book that this space is too small to fully describe all that is in this provocative book.

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