The Struggle Between Boer and Brit


A new edition of the classic Second Anglo Boer War memoirs, written by perhaps the most famous Boer general of all, Christiaan De Wet. Penned just six months after the end of the conflict, De Wet’s accurate retelling of his exploits during the three-year war is a first-hand account of the origin of hit-and-run warfare as developed by the Boers against a numerically overwhelming enemy.

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The Struggle Between Boer and Brit:  The Memoirs of Boer General C.R. DeWet


Apart from the high adventure contained in these pages, this book is also highly valuable as it contains one of the only full transcriptions of the last meetings of the Boer commanders just before the end of the war. In these transcripts, the Boer discussions reveal the desperation of their plight: of having only 15,000 men left in the field against the British quarter of a million men under arms; of the horrendous condition of the Boer women and children in the concentration camps; and of the choice before them: fight to the end and face extermination, or surrender and hope to live to fight another day.

It is a classic tale of human spirit, endurance, sacrifice, and suffering, which has lost none of its power and meaning over the last century.

First published as De strijd tusschen Boer en Brit in Dutch in 1902, and translated into English as Three year’s War the same year.

This new edition contains the complete original text, and a dramatic biography of the writer. This includes his further adventures after the war, which saw him take up arms once again against the government of the Union of South Africa in 1914.

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