The Story of the Nations: Norway



Written by Hjalmar H. Boyesen in 1895, here is the history of Norway, written without the poison of political correctness.

Covers the country’s geography and the people of Norway, the first Norsemen, Aryan migrations, early tribes, Viking Age, Scandinavian kinship, Sigfrid, Godfrey, Hastings, Ragnar, Asgeir, Rörik, Thorgisl, Olaf the White, Vikings in England, Simeon, Halfdan the Swarthy, Yngling race, Aun the Old, Sigurd Hjort, Erik Eimundsson, Harold’s vow, Earl Ragnvald, Gyda, Duke Rollo, Kveld-Ulf, Queen Ragnhild, Guttorm Sindre, Haakon, Gunhild, Erik Blood Axe, Egil, Berg-Anund, reforms, first Christians, Agvaldsness, Harold Blue-Tooth, Earl Erick, peasant revolt, Kark, Olaf Tryggvesson, Astrid, Russia, Thore Hjort, Earl Sigvalde, Bjarne Herjulfsson, Leif Eriksson, Olaf the Saint, Earl Sweyn, Sweyn Alfifasson, Magnus the Good, Harold Hard-Ruler, Olaf the Quiet, Haroldsson, Magnus Barefoot, Sigurd the Crusader, Olaf Magnusson, Magnus the Blind, Harold Gille, Haakon Broad-Shouldered, Erlingsson, Sigundsson, Sverrosson, independence, Kalmar Union, Napoleonic wars, the modern era up to the 1870s with most pages dedicated to Norwegian history through 1817.

Softcover, 50 illustrations, 556 pages, #821.