The Story of the Nations: Hungary—In Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern Times



Written by Arminius Vambery in 1887, here is the history of Hungary up until that point, written without the poison of political correctness.

Covers the country and the people of Hungary, the various nationalities, Hungary before the Magyars, Panonia and Dacia, Marcomanni, Huns, Avars, Nimrod, Seven Dukes, Bajan, Svatopluk, Arpad, Berengar, Duke Geyza, shamanism, baptism of Stephen, Christianity, Stahlweissenburg, Conrad, House of Arpad, Golden Bull, alliance with Austria, Anjous in Hungary, Charles Robert, depredations of the Czechs, Otto’s march, Zach family, Louis the Great, Andrew, Charles, Sigismund, Kont, Bajazet, Hunyadi’s legacy, Simon Kemeny, Turkish invasion, Capistrano, King Matthias, the Black Troop, Battle of Mohacs, Corvinus, Peasant War, sack of Buda, rout of the Turks, Catholicism vs. Protestantism, Austrian rule, Bethlan, Transylvania, Kurucz, Maria Theresa. social revolution, Joseph II, Leopold II, Hungarian independence, retribution, Hungarian Academy of Science, constitution, Szechneyi, Kossuth, Sebs, Croatians and Wallachs, formation of a modern state, much more.

Softcover, 50 illustrations, 453 pages, #822.