The Story Of Nations: Wales



By Owen M. Edwards, first published in 1902. A beautiful reproduction of an amazing book. Here is the history of Wales, from a prominent nationalist Welshman who was punished as a child for speaking the old language of his ancestors. Includes sections on: the Iberians that were believed to have first inhabited the region, the fairer Kelts, the struggle between them, Rome vs. the Silurians, Agricola, Welsh kings including Arthur, English attacks, Danish attacks, Rhodri the Great, Mercia under Offa, Llywelyn, Aber Gwili, Griffith and Harold, Norman conquest, Hugh the Wolf, resisting the Normans, Griffith ap Conan, Robert of Belesme, Owen of Powys, Battle of Cardigan, Owen Gwynedd, Medieval Wales, Archbishop Baldwyn, Glamorgan, Llywelyn the Great, last fight for independence, Statute of Wales, Welsh revolts, English prince of Wales, Longbow, Black Death, rule of the lords, disintegration, bard, friar, Lollard, Owen Glendower, Mortimers and Tudors, Thomas Cromwell, Court of Wales, Great Sessions, unwelcome Reformation, John Williams, second civil war, rule of the Puritan and Whig, cultural awakening, Industrial Revolution in Wales, complete index. Softcover, scores of illustrations, genealogical charts of the ancient royal families, 478 pages, #800

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