The Story Of Nations: Poland



By William Richard Morfill. First written in 1893, available now in this authentic reproduction, with 76 illustrations. Topics: Lemberg, Brestlitovsk, the Vistula, Lithuanians, Ugro-Finns, the Lekhs, early Polish history, Mieczsylaw I, Boleslas the Brave, Przemyslaw I, Jadwiga and Jagiello, the early Jagiellos, Germans in Poland, Sigismund I, Treaty of Thorn, Casimir IV, John Albert, diet at Radom, Clement the Smith, Henry of Valois, Stephen Batory, Copernicus, Nicholas Radziwill, Duke Albert, Zborowski, Albert Laski, Sigismund III, the Uniates, the False Demetrius, Smotrycki, Polish cookery, retreat of the Turks, Sobieski, Clementina, Madame Royale, Charles XII, Augustus III, the Saxon kings, the Confederation of Bar, Zabiello, the Prussians, Kosciuzko, Stanislaus, Marie Louise, Polish literature, Queen Margaret’s Psalter, Kromer, Kilinski, Rzewuski, Fredro, Szajnocha, Kraszewski, Ujejski, the Burghers, the peasants, Courland, Polish dress, the nobility, the Polish kings, Szlachta, the Jews, the Kmetons, geneaologies, more. Covers up to the 1800s. Hundreds of other important tidbits, extensive author biography. Softcover, 450 pages, detailed genealogies—550 to 815, #803

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