The Soviet Experiment: Challenging the Apologists for Communist Tyranny


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The USSR remains one of the least understood of all societies despite its having only existed in the 20th century. It stands as the great embar­rassment of the globe’s liberal elite and they do all they can to mystify their role in creating and supporting this totalitarian disaster. One of the reasons it remains so misunderstood is that very few can wrap their heads around depravity of this magnitude. Josef Stalin once said in an article appearing in Pravda that, under his rule, “life had become more joyous and carefree.”

There’s a level of dissociation here that only a handful can penetrate and still retain their sanity. Luckily, The Barnes Review (TBR) has an expert author who has no difficulty with discussing either depravity or dissociation—or in challenging those who insist that Stalin “wasn’t as bad as we have been told,” claiming he was not responsible for the terrors that occurred under his rule or that he had somehow finally “caught on” to the true nature of the Soviet state. The Soviet Experiment: Challenging the Apologists for Communist Tyranny connects the dots so many have failed to connect in the past. The author, Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, the former editor and currently a member of TBR’s Contributing Editorial Board, has, at great cost to himself, spent his adult life specializing in the hidden aspects of Russian history and its connection to nationalism. As always, he pulls no punches.

He’s contentious, he’s offensive, he’s difficult, he’s chal­lenging—challenging everything that needs to be challenged to explain the catastrophe of the Marxist Soviet Union and the ideological fog behind which it hid for so long. He explodes myth after myth on the Soviet enigma, rendering it no longer mysterious. With primary source materials never before translated into English, this book is a necessity for any serious historian and truthseeker. Softcover, 241 pages, #835, $25

List of Contents:

• Marx and Lenin on the Revolutions of the 19th Century • Unraveling the Myths About Rasputin: Revolutionary Lies, Academic Fraud and the Provisional Government’s “Emergency Commission” • Allied Intervention in the Russian Civil War: The Myth of Western Anti-Communism • General Krasnov and Karaulov: The Doctrine of Cossack National Socialism During the Russian Civil War • Historical Mythology: The Fantasy of Stalin’s “Anti-Semitic Russian Nationalism” • Alienation, Tyranny and Ethnicity: Notes on Ukraine Under the Revolutionary Yoke • Communism and Political Terror: Trotskyism, Stalinism and the West in Perspective • Soviet Ideology, Western Delusion and the Russian Orthodox Church in the USSR • The Cold War: Grandiosity and Rhetoric as a Diplomatic Confrontation Between Two Factions of the Ruling Class • Russian History and the Myth of the Cold War: Western Capitalism as the “Builder of the Workers Paradise” • Remaking Reality: Marxism, Mass Society and Pasternak’s Dr. Zhivago • Nominalism, Ethnicity, Mass Society: The Poetics of Vasyl Stus • Faith and Truth in Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich • Extensive Bibliography By Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson