The Riddle of the Jews’ Success


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Jewish power, critics say, derives from Jewish money. But how do Jews become so wealthy? What, exactly, is the secret to their remarkable success? Around 100 years ago, a prominent German critic of the Jews, Theodor Fritsch, began to closely observe Jewish business practices and methods, with the aim of truly understanding how this foreigner on German land could manage to acquire so much wealth so quickly. Himself a businessman, Fritsch had ample, first-hand experience dealing with Jews, and he came to develop a keen insight into their various manipulations, trickery, deceit and alleged immorality—the very things that led to their fabulous “success.” Long out of print and shunned by mainstream scholars as anti-Semitic, this book, edited by Thomas Dalton, brings into sharp relief a whole range of nefarious Jewish practices, all of which have echoed down to the present. It is truly astonishing how many current Jewish tactics have their roots in the much simpler life of early 20th-century Germany. Most striking of all, we obtain here a firm grasp on exactly how coarsened, how degraded and how humiliating modern life has become, thanks to non-Christian commerce. Much of modern society has been dragged through the mud, and continues to be so, as a direct consequence of these financial manipulations. In a straightforward and clear manner, Fritsch provides us with many lessons for the modern day. Softcover, 254 pages, #999.