The Place of Prejudice in Modern Civilisation and Other Selected Writings


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The Place of Prejudice in Modern Civilisation and Other Selected Writings of Sir Arthur Keith, Britain’s Famous Anthropologist, Sir Arthur Keith. By Sir Arthur Keith.  Scottish born Sir Arthur Keith was Britain’s most famous anthropologist. A President of the Royal Society and President of the Royal Anthropological Institute, Sir Arthur was knighted for his services to the academic world in 1921.

Collected here are six of his most important works which summarize his studies and conclusions on the evolutionary pressures which shaped the origin of races, the differentiation between racial types, and the unique position of Jews within the world’s racial framework.

The six writings contained in this collection are:

The Place of Prejudice in Modern Civilisation — in which the author discusses the place of prejudice in Nature’s aim in creating higher types of man;

On Certain Factors Concerned in the Evolution of Human Races — in which the author discusses in detail the evolutionary pressures which resulted in the differentiation of racial types.

Nationality and Race from an Anthropologist’s Point of View — in which the author discusses the meaning of “nationality” and how it differs from “race,” with reference to a global sweep of racial issues affecting Europeans in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, continental Europe and Britain.

The Peoples and Races of Europe — in which the author provides a perspective on the various sub-racial types inhabiting Europe.

The Jews as a Nation and as a Race — in which the author evaluates the racial origin of the Jews, concluding that they are still a separate racial group despite Ashkenazi Jews having absorbed some European admixture.

Anti-Semitism and Zionism — in which the author concludes that anti-Semitism is the result of Jewish behaviour, not irrational Gentile hatred, and that this behaviour is driven by Jewish “dual code” where “their conduct towards their fellows is based on one code (amity), and that towards all who are outside their circle on another (enmity).” The part on Zionism, written in 1947, predicts that the Zionist colonization of Palestine would result in a “long and bloody war” between Arabs and Jews.


About the Author

 The Place of Prejudice in Modern Civilisation

  • A New Introduction by W. P Herrell
  • Introduction by Sir Arthur Keith
  • Introductory
  • Subject of this Address Outlined
  • The Qualities of Head and of Heart
  • The Overlap of Head and Heart
  • The Two Houses of Parliament
  • A Question of Importance
  • What is a Prejudice?
  • Prejudice Exemplified
  • Patriotism is a Prejudice
  • A Duty of Universities
  • Newspapers as Educators
  • Are Prejudices Acquired or Are They Inborn?
  • Pre-Darwinian Evidence as to the Strength and Nature of Prejudice
  • Adam Smith as a Witness
  • Prejudices Which are to be Cleared Away to Reach the Truth
  • The Prehistoric World: The Nature of Our Quest
  • The Human Heart in the Prehistoric World
  • The Nature of Race Prejudice
  • Patriotism
  • The Desire for Independence
  • The Object of this Address
  • The Duality of Human Nature
  • The Explanation of the Duality of the Human Heart
  • The Collapse of the Prehistoric World
  • From Tribalism to Nationalism
  • The Cure of Unrest in the Modern World
  • The “Ideal” of “One World, One Tribe”
  • Is a Unitribal World a Possibility?
  • The Price of Deracialization
  • The Price of Racialism
  • The Significance of Self-Determination
  • The Price Paid for Self-Determination
  • Summary of My Argument
  • Both Reason and Prejudice Must Have a Place in National Policy
  • Conclusion

On Certain Factors Concerned in the Evolution of Human Races

Nationality and Race from an Anthropologist’s Point of View

  • Nationality and Race in Boyle’s Time
  • Race and Nationality in Recent Years
  • Inherited Instincts and Modern Ideals are Out of Harmony
  • Racial and National Problems in the United States of America
  • Problems of Canada
  • Racial Problems of Spanish America
  • Struggle Between Race and Sex Impulses
  • Race Problems in Australia and New Zealand
  • National and Racial Problems in South Africa
  • Some of the National and Racial Problems of Europe
  • Are the Jews a Separate Race?
  • National Movements Are of Two Kinds
  • British National Problems
  • Are Celts and Saxons of Different Racial Stocks?
  • All British Nationalities Are of the North Sea Stock
  • There Are Two Kinds of Colonization—Spontaneous and Forced
  • The Saxon Settlement of Britain
  • The Plantation and Colonization of Ireland
  • The Nature of Tribal Instinct
  • Tribal Isolation Provides the Conditions Necessary for Race-Breeding
  • The Conditions of Tribal Disintegration
  • The Origin of Race Feeling
  • Transformation of a Tribal into a National Spirit
  • Tribal Instincts Now Manifested in Everyday Life
  • A Knowledge of Tribal and Racial Spirit is Essential for Statesmen
  • The Problem of Ireland

 The Peoples and Races of Europe

 The Jews as a Nation and as a Race

 Anti-Semitism and Zionism



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