The Darkest Dawn: Lincoln, Booth & the Great American Tragedy


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Many books have discussed the killing of Lincoln, but few have shown us the immediate aftermath of the president’s assassination: the public panic … the news that other members of the cabinet had been targeted or attacked … the massive manhunt for Booth … the arrest of the alleged conspirators … and a populace begging for revenge—all of this happening even as a civil war is still raging in some parts of the country.

But this story has never been told with the immediacy and intimacy of The Darkest Dawn. Author Tom Goodrich brings to this narrative the gripping accounts of eyewitnesses to it all, from the moment of the assassination in Ford’s Theater—seen through the eyes of attendees—right up through the massive manhunt for John Wilkes Booth, the executions of the accused conspirators and beyond.

As you have come to expect from Tom Goodrich’s books, the manuscript is filled with ultimate detail—told by those who were there—and is as fresh as today’s news but presented through the eyes of a private investigator.

Softcover, 376 pages, #842