The Children of Ra


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The Children of Ra: Artistic, Historical, and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White Egypt

By Arthur Kemp. In this second, expanded edition, here are the shocking results of the 2017 DNA report that conclusively prove the original Egyptians were white. The long-debated question is finally answered through the study not only of DNA but also by an examination of the historical record, Egyptian art and images of mummies.

Lavishly illustrated with over 106 full-color pictures, The Children of Ra is a complete historical overview that proves that white people created the initial Egyptian civilization—and that ancient Egyptian culture came to an end once those people had been bred out of existence. The dramatic DNA evidence also reveals that King Tut was of the same racial stock as present-day western Europeans.

Then there are the astonishing results of the largest-ever DNA testing of Egyptian mummies by scientists at the University of Tuebingen. This evidence reveals that the ancient Egyptians were also closely related to present-day Europeans, the sub-Saharan influx of darker-skinned people not happening until 3,000 years after the pyramid builders were alive.

The Children of Ra is a vital work for all those fascinated by ancient Egypt and the origins of that civilization. Also contains a detailed Egyptian history timeline to explain how this white-founded society was overrun, and how this process led to the extinction of this greatest of the ancient civilizations—a somber warning to today’s West.

Softcover, 86 full-color pages, #827

“A truly magnificent rendition. Fabulous photos plus DNA. Very convincing.”–Dr. J. Phillipe Rushton, Ph.D., D.Sc.

About the Author

Arthur Kemp was born of a British father and a Dutch mother in Southern Rhodesia in 1962. Educated in South Africa, he holds a B.A. degree in Political Science, International Politics and Public Administration, having studied at the University of Cape Town and the University of South Africa. He worked as a journalist on a major national daily newspaper, as an international risk consultant, as a retail market analyst for a blue chip company in the UK and as a public relations consultant.