The Blood Mystery


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Here is a work from a brave researcher from France who lived in the late 19th century. We are happy to offer the reader in this volume the full translation of Henri Desportes’s most renowned work, Le mystère du sang chez les juifs de tous les temps, translated as The Blood Mystery Among the Jews of All Times, a seminal study of Jewish ritual murders that was published as a second edition in 1890. Desportes (real name: Célestin Henri Déporte) was a Catholic priest and writer, born on May 20, 1865 in Yébleron, in the Normandy region of France. He died in 1939. Those who have read our two-volume anthology on Jewish ritual murder are already familiar with this author. His short book titled Tué par les Juifs (1890), describing the ritual murder of a six-year-old Christian boy in Damascus, was translated by JR Books Online as Murdered by Jews and included in Volume 2 (pp. 167-199). In The Blood Mystery, Desportes takes the approach of performing a historical survey of the JRM phenomenon, then dives into specific historical cases and answers the perennial claims of critics. At one point, he considers himself compelled to say: “The Jews do not change. All the revelations, the ancient chronicles, the records of the Trent and Damascus trials, the book of the Moldovan rabbi, etc. etc. tell us about the same turpitudes. The custom of using Christian blood is very old. It already existed before the total scattering of the Jewish nation, it continued to be practiced until recently, in compliance with Talmudic and rabbinical laws, and it is definitely practiced even today, wherever an Orthodox Jew lives. … The Jews do not change: this was, is and will always be the case.” This edition contains a preface by Édouard Drumont, the famous French author and journalist. Softcover, 271 pages, indexed, #994.