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This issue, TBR takes a fresh look at the famous “Desert Fox,” or Wüstenfuchs, to use his German nickname. A military genius, did he also plot to end Hitler’s life—or was he framed?

The war was over—but the sacking and destruction of German art was not yet done. The victorious Allies actually outdid the barbarians who plundered ancient Rome.

Treblinka is still considered a perfect example of a Nazi death camp, or so we are told by the court historians. Looking more closely at this legend, we find the official narrative and eyewitness claims wither under logical scientific scrutiny. Determine for yourself the credibility of the official Treblinka mythology.

Jewish extremists in Russia miscalculated when they tried a grab for power. Thankfully, the Russian people maintain their right to speak freely about those who seek to silence free speech.

The Knights of the Golden Circle, a secret society composed of both Southerners and Northerners, played a surprisingly key role in Dixie’s bid for self-determination and independence. Here is the history of the KGC.

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that says a state cannot opt out of the United States of America union; therefore, the right of secession is reserved to the states. In fact, the South is by no means the only, or the first, state or set of states to seriously consider going her own way.

Nelson Mandela was tried for treason by South Africa back in 1964. Though you’d never know it if you listened only to the Court Historians, Mandela and his communist cohorts— almost unanimously Jewish Marxists—were planning a bloody revolution with no concern for the lives of innocent civilians, black or white.

The American stone-age tribes were destined to be replaced on most of their territory by the more advanced whites. But was it whites who started the war of barbaric atrocities? Evidence shows the savages were savage from long before the time of Columbus.

This was the FBI’s first big case, and they almost fumbled. In the end, the FBI made its mark as a premier crime-fighting unit, putting a halt to a deadly conspiracy against the most affluent Americans of the era.

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Personal From the Editor


By now, you must have heard about this story, as it was plastered across every mainstream news media in existence: Evil Catholic boys visiting Washington, D.C. from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky slung vile epithets against innocent American Indian protester Nathan Phillips—a Marine who served in Vietnam—while members of the strange Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI) group stood by in shock at the public demonstration of pure hatred being shown by these young white devils.

The problem with this story is that it is just one example of rampant, unverified, irresponsible, politically correct mainstream media fake news, through and through. Immediately after these mainstream fake news reports, those members of the white community concerned about battling “racism” tripped over themselves to condemn the children and show their support for the minority groups allegedly insulted by these budding white haters.

The problem with this story is that it is completely false. There was not a shred of truth in any of the reports about this incident that came out of the leftist mockingbird press. Unfortunately, the entire coverage of this event is indicative of the fake news and fake history world in which we live today—a world in which the very people we are supposed to trust for our news and history don’t even bother to verify what they are reporting.

As it turns out, the children from Covington Catholic High did nothing wrong. Many of them were wearing red “Make America Great Again” hats in a show of support for the president, which is, in itself—in today’s United States—a hate crime, according to those who have adopted the radical leftism of today’s American Marxists.

But, once the actual truth came out—that these Christian white kids, on an innocent field trip to Washington, D.C. to march at a pro-life rally and exercise their religious and free speech rights had never even insulted the Indian protester, and had in fact themselves been called hateful names by members of the BHI—mainstream news outlets wouldn’t even bother to correct their faulty reports. Instead they backtracked, nearly in unison, and said that, after further investigation, “a more complex picture had emerged.”

More complex? Every single “fact” the mainstream news reported on this incident was wrong. Where is the apology to these kids and their families who received death threats because of the spurious news coverage?

Here are a few things the controlled media got wrong:

  • Indian protester Nathan Phillips was never in Vietnam and is not a U.S. veteran. A real hoot, since this was the first and only Vietnam veteran we know of for whom the Democrats have ever stood up.
  • It was Phillips who began thumping a large tom-tom right next to the face of Catholic student Nick Sandmann.
  • Video clearly shows young Sandmann smiling respectfully and continuing to listen to Phillips, attempting to defuse the tense situation—not instigating it.
  • Earlier, a riotous band of about 20 Indians tried to storm a Mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., thus trying to prevent Christians worshipping there the exercise of their right to religious expression. That’s a hate crime.
  • The Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI) were the real instigators. This increasingly violent, abusive and racist militant group was slandering everyone in sight—including homosexuals. (We thought that was a hate crime.)
  • The BHI members called the Catholic kids “racists,” “bigots,” “crackers,” “faggots” and “incest kids”—a hate crime. The white kids did nothing hateful, at all. Sadly, despite the fact that the controlled media— which thrives on inventing hate crimes and then reporting them as the exclusive bailiwick of white people—never even bothered to apologize for duping the public yet again.

The good news is that several attorneys have volunteered to sue these fake news purveyors for defamation of character on behalf of the white children vilified over and over in the incessant, bogus news reportage.

I thought we were supposed to be living in an age where we judge others on the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. But that is complete bunk.

The mainstream news media and radical leftists care not for bettering race relations in this country. They instead prefer to portray every white male or female as inherently hateful, and use every opportunity to drive a wedge between the various peoples living in this country.

The reason is obvious. If we Americans are fighting amongst ourselves, we provide very little threat to the Deep State and its compliant minions in the “free press.” Their classic divide-and-conquer strategy is effective.

It’s a shame, it’s a sham and it’s all part of a very dangerous and all-too-real coordinated plan to scapegoat whites and turn every minority group in this nation against us. Our globalist masters know that their fake news (which so many people gobble up hook, line and sinker) will one day result in violence in the streets.

Once that happens, they may get a surprise when we don’t go as quietly as they had hoped and planned. ❖
Executive Editor

Nelson Mandela & the Rivonia Treason Trial

The South African State’s Case Against Mandela and His Violent Communist Cohorts, 1964

By Arthur Kemp

English humorist author Guy Bellamy once remarked that “hindsight is an exact science”—and this is nowhere better illustrated than with this new edition of Rivonia Unmasked! The SouthAfrican State’s Case Against Nelson Mandela, 1964.

Originally published in South Africa in 1965 as part of the then-South African government’s information campaign to counter pro-African National Congress (ANC) propaganda among English-speakers at home and abroad, this work inadvertently reveals just how deluded the leaders of the apartheid state were in regard to the attitudes of the black population over which they ruled.

Written in direct collusion with the police and other state propagandists, the author argues in all seriousness that the ANC represented only a tiny fraction of the black population, and that it was “only” the communists who were the problem.

Of course, as is now well-known, this was not the case, as the ANC had—and still has—mass popular support among the black population.

It was this widely held racial delusion—and its concomitant denial of race and racial dynamics as the only driving force of history—which would cost white South Africa dearly.

The belief that an accommodation can be reached with “moderate nonwhites” and that it is only the “radicals” who are the problem, is rhetoric which will be familiar to all those with an understanding of racial dynamics, no matter in which country they reside.

Apartheid, of course, was predicated upon the use of millions of Africans as laborers, in the mistaken belief that they would be content with working for whites, but only exercising political rights in designated rural areas, or “homelands.”

In order to maintain this delusion—which ignored the reality of demographics and occupation as the sole determinant of the character of any geographic territory—it was necessary to pretend that the “radicals” of the ANC were only a troublesome minority.

Instead of trying to rule over millions of Africans, and pretending that they were happy with this arrangement, white South Africans should have carved out their own state, devoid of dependence on nonwhite labor.

Such a state, even if smaller than the original country, would be secure and still in existence. Such is the power of Bellamy’s “exact science” of hindsight.

But this is only one of the many valuable insights contained in this remarkable book.

The storyline contained in Rivonia Unmasked! follows the events leading up to and during the famous 1963–1964 “Rivonia Treason Trial.”

Named after the then rural Johannesburg northern property on which most of the conspirators were arrested, the Rivonia legal process finally saw eight top South African Communist Party and African National Congress leaders, Nelson Mandela included, sentenced in court to life imprisonment for an incredible plan to seize power by bloody violence in South Africa and turn it into a Marxist state.

This plan involved an actual physical invasion and revolution akin to that of Vietnam or Cuba, and involved preparations for the stockpiling of enough explosives to destroy all of Johannesburg. Evidence at the trial showed that communist parties in the Soviet Union, Algeria, China, Czechoslovakia and East Germany all actively supported the plot.

How this plot was uncovered, and how the conspirators were arrested, makes riveting Cold War-era spy-story reading, with top South African spies penetrating the Communist International all the way to Moscow and back. It is, however, in telling this story that the book is forced to reveal an alien hand that engineered the ANC/SACP armed plot. All of the so-called whites arrested along with Mandela—Arthur Goldreich, Lionel Bernstein, Denis Goldberg, James Kantor, Harold Wolpe and Bob Hepple—were Jews, and all leading members of the SACP.

Goldreich in particular was of note. Born in South Africa, Goldreich had moved to Israel in 1947, and joined the Palmach, the elite fighting force of the Haganah. There he had fought in the Jewish terrorist war against the British and the Arabs, taking part in many of the atrocities committed at that time in the run-up to the independence of Israel in 1948.

It might be presumed that Goldreich’s participation in the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from Israel—and his prominent role in the creation of the Jews-only ethno-state—might have made him more sympathetic to white South Africa. However, this was not to be the case. A typically atavistic hatred of anything seeking to preserve European identity kicked in and, in 1954, Goldreich returned to South Africa to join the ANC and fight against white rule in South Africa.

With his experience as a terrorist commander in Israel, it was Goldreich who drew up the plans for the ANC’s armed uprising, codenamed “Operation Mayibuye” (in English, “Operation Comeback”), as found in the documents seized by the South African police at the time of the arrests and presented as evidence during the trial. Mandela himself told a biographer, Martin Meredith, that “Goldreich was particularly valued because of his fighting experience in Israel” (Nelson Mandela: A Biography, Martin Meredith, 1997).

Goldreich and his fellow communist conspirator Harold Wolpe—who had purchased the Rivonia property using USSR-supplied funds—never stood trial. They managed to bribe a guard at the Johannesburg prison after their arrest and escape. Both fled to neighboring Botswana, from where they travelled to Israel. As this book reveals, Goldreich stayed in Israel, where he collected funds to “carry on the struggle for freedom in South Africa.” He died in Israel in 2011. For his part, Wolpe went on to communist East Germany and the Soviet Union to coordinate further support for the ANC’s armed struggle, before finally settling in England where he had a lucrative academic career for 30 years.

This edition of Rivonia Unmasked! also sports two appendices not included in the original edition. The first provides more details about what is obvious from the original text—namely the domination of communist Jews in the inner workings of the ANC.

For example, it reveals that the defense team for the accused was headed by Joel Joffe, a leading Jewish lawyer in Johannesburg. Mandela and his co-defendants wrote him a testimonial from prison:

We have come to admire this quiet courageous man, whose devotion to the cause of justice has been shown to be in the highest tradition of his calling. We know that wherever he his, wherever he may go, Joel’s legal brain and services will be at the call of those in need of justice and defense as it has been so well and fully at ours (“Letter: Joffe and his team ran rings round the prosecution and saved Mandela,” the Guardian, July 13, 2017).

This appendix also quotes from the book Jews and Zionism: The South African Experience (1910–67) by Dr. Gideon Shimoni (Oxford University Press, 1980), which states that the “extraordinary salience of Jewish individuals in the white opposition to the regime of apartheid stands out.

Throughout this period, Jewish names kept appearing in every facet of the struggle: amongst reformist liberals, in the radical Communist opposition, in the courts, whether as defendants or as counsel for the defense and in the lists of bannings and amongst those who fled the country to evade arrest.

Their prominence was particularly marked in the course of the treason trial, which occupied an important place in the news media throughout the second half of the 1950s as shown in the following:

This trial began in December 1956, when 156 people were arrested on charges of treason in the form of a conspiracy to overthrow the state by violence and to replace it with a state based on communism. Twenty-three of those arrested were whites, more than half of them Jews. They included Yetta Barenblatt, Hymie Barsel, Lionel (Rusty) Bernstein, Leon Levy, Norman Levy, Sydney Shall, Joe Slovo, Ruth (First) Slovo, Sonia Bunting, Lionel Forman, Isaac Horvitch, Ben Turok, Jacqueline Arenstein, Errol Shanley, Dorothy Shanley. In this extended five-year period between the emergence of violent opposition and its effective suppression, the prominent involvement of individual Jews was in the public eye more than ever before. This was even more so than in the dramatic circumstances of the “Rivonia arrests.”

Shimoni’s book explains the events at Rivonia in this way:

On July 11, 1963, the police raided the home of Arthur Goldreich in Rivonia near Johannesburg, where it captured, by surprise, the leadership cadre of the Umkonto we Sizwe [Spear of the Nation— the ANC’s armed wing] underground. … [There was an] overwhelming impression that Jews were in the forefront of the white radicals who were trying to overthrow the system of white supremacy in South Africa.

The second appendix reveals brand new information that black liberation icon Nelson Mandela was, despite his protestations and solemn affirmations to the contrary, a Central Committee member—a Politburo member—of the South African Communist Party.

Mandela denied being an SACP member at the Rivonia trial, again in his official autobiography (Long Walk to Freedom, Volume I: 1918–1962, Little, Brown and Company, p. 365), and again in his authorized biography (Mandela: The Authorized Biography, Anthony Sampson, 1999, Harper-Collins, pp. 135–138).

It was only in 2013—with Mandela’s death—that the South African Communist Party finally admitted that the ANC leader had been—and always was—a senior Central Committee member of that party. The post-mortem confession by the SACP was contained in the December 2013 edition of their party journal, Umsebenzi, as part of their eulogy to Mandela.

In the article, titled, “The True Revolutionary Is Guided by Great Feelings of Love,” the SACP wrote that:

At his arrest in August 1962, Nelson Mandela was not only a member of the then-underground South African Communist Party, but was also a member of our party’s Central Committee. To us as South African communists, Comrade Mandela shall forever symbolize the monumental contribution of the SACP in our liberation struggle. The contribution of communists in the struggle to achieve South African freedom has very few parallels in the history of our country. After his release from prison in 1990, Comrade Madiba [Mandela’s clan name.—Ed.] became a great and close friend of the communists till his last days.

It should be borne in mind that at the time when Mandela was an SACP Central Committee member, that party was completely allied to the Soviet Union, which had only recently brutally repressed democratic uprisings in a number of eastern European nations. There was therefore no pretense of being “democratic” or “seeking reconciliation.”

Currently unfolding events in South Africa—and in particular the decision to start seizing white-owned farms and property—testify that there, communism is not regarded as some bizarre failed experiment, but as a real ideology that has practical implementation. It is, no doubt, what Mandela would have wanted over the long term: a communist regime ruling South Africa.

Rivonia Unmasked! The South African State’s Case Against Nelson Mandela, 1964 reveals what would have been South Africa’s fate far earlier. It is a fascinating historical work, and well worth reading for the important lessons it contains for the First, Second and Third Worlds. ❖

ARTHUR KEMP is an independent publisher who runs He is also the author of March of the Titans.

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