Story of the Nations: Australia & New Zealand



Here is Greville Tregarthen’s 1893 history of Australia and New Zealand, written before the era of political correctness.

The book covers in detail the early discoverers, DeGonneville, maritime discovery, Hartog, the Batavia, Tasman, Dampier, de Vlaming, last Dutch expedition, Capt. Cook , Botany Bay, the Endeavour, Banks, du Fresne, De Surville, convict colony, New South Wales, Maj. Ross, starvation, Grose, female orphans, insurrection, Hawkesbury settlers, Capt. Bligh, Johnston’s court martial, Gov. Marquaries, Emancipists, native wars, Brisbane and Darling, bushranging, Newspaper Act, Ghostland, Curries, Cunningham, Hovell, Stuart, Mitchell, Australian gold rush, usury laws, Patriotic Six, new constitution (1851-1893), settlement of Victoria, Latrobe’s administration, highway robbery, immigration hardships, another constitution, Moreton Bay, settling of New Zealand, whaling, Maoris, treaty of Waitangi, Hone-Heke, 1846-1861, the bloody Maori wars, New Zealand Federation, appendix, index, 35 informative illustrations.

Softcover, 444 pages, #881