Solving History’s Mysteries: 17 Tales of Historical Intrigue


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COMPILED BY PAUL T. ANGEL – Gleaned from the archives of TBR magazine, this anthology includes chapters on: The comet that may have caused the Chicago fire and the raging infernos that tore through multiple Midwest cities that day; the tragic fate of the Dyatlov Pass hikers and why they ran from the safety of their tent into the sub-zero Siberian winter; the Toba super volcano eruption that nearly wiped out mankind; the mystery of bandleader Glen Miller’s death; the search for the Pacific’s lost motherland and the amazing structures found there; the Heavener rune stone: Does it reveal the fate of a French explorer?; Percy Fawcett and the Lost City of Z; the truth about the Fort Pillow “massacre”; Germany’s 1938 mission to the Antarctic; the strangest “out of place” objects in North America; the history of WWI the bankers want kept secret; the tale of the only POW to escape from Allied captivity in North America; new revelations about Oak Island may solve the mystery; ingenious inventions of the ancients that still astound modern-day scholars; the Osage Indian mur der mystery … and even more! This 163-page softcover , $17. #926