Rise of the Aryans: How Ancient Whites Influenced and Established Global Civilization



All across the world are mysterious and ancient stone structures demonstrating not only advanced building techniques but also an incredibly sophisticated knowledge of archeo­astronomy. From isolated Easter Island in the Pacific, to the mountain peaks of the Andes, from the British Isles and the Mediterranean to the steppes of Eurasia, from the arid deserts of western China to the Mississipi Valley of North America, some advanced culture was erecting megalithic structures that baffle scientists and archeologists even today. Once the cultures of the Indus Valley and the Tigris and Euphrates rivers were considered the oldest “real” civilizations, dating to sometime around 6,000 B.C. But the discovery of the Caucasian-built Gobekli Tepe temple complexes scattered across Anatolia changed all that. Dated to sometime around 9,600 B.C., the structures at these ancient megalithic sites have thrown the mainstream understanding of the rise of civilizations into complete disarray. Who built them and why?

What about the global pyramid phenomenon and the complex edifices at Knossos, Carnac and Stonehenge? Was it really extraterrestrial visitors from some far-off galaxy who constructed them, or is there a more plausible explanation—one grounded in answers right here on planet Earth?In Rise of the Aryans: How Ancient Whites Influenced and Established Global Civilization, respected historian, author and radio show personality Patrick Chouinard delves into these mysteries and provides real answers based on decades of research that do not involve little green men from Mars! Rise of the Aryans is a book you’ll want for your library, whether you are a professional historian or an armchair archeologist.

Softcover, 314 pages, #834.

Partial Table of Contents:
• Foreword: By Marc Roland
• Preface: By Patrick Chouinard
• Engaging White History
• The New Aryan Dawn
• Decoding Our Ancient Ancestors
• Hidden Knowledge of the Aryans
• Bloodline of the Gods
• Mysteries of Aryan Mongolia
• Ancient Aryans in China
• Was King Tut an Ancient Aryan?
• Hindus and Kelts: The Connection
• Arctic Origins of the White Race
• Proto-Egyptian Origins
• Out of Africa: A Critical Analysis
• The Iceman: Link to a Lost Race?
• Neanderthals and Mythical Atlantis
• Digging for the Reich
• Ancient Aryans in the Americas
• Gobekli Tepe & Nabta Playa
• Development of the Swastika
• Minoan DNA: They Were Aryans
• Aryans Built the World’s Megaliths?
• Ancient Caucasians of the Pacific
• Legends of Aryan “Giants”
• Afterword: By Arthur Kemp
• Extensive Bibliography
• 186 Illustrations
• Gorgeous full-color glossy cover